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This website is continuously under construction.  We would sincerely appreciate ideas and suggestions as to what might be interesting to you, the viewer. We would especially like to hear from former FRED T. BERRY crewmembers that could contribute anecdotes and/or photographs of their days on the ship. This website was conceived of, supported and implemented by Ron Fritz and Ron Fritz Jr. who were solely responsible for it for several years.



Denis Gordon founded the FRED T. BERRY (DD/DDE-858) Reunion Association in 1985 and acted as chief mover and shaker until the summer of  2000.   Denis suffered a stroke at that time and John Titsworth took over the duties of reunion association chairman at the 2000 reunion. During the time Denis led the organization, it grew to over 300 members and continues to grow at a respectable rate. Each year the organization has held a reunion for its members through the efforts of Denis and his dedicated group of volunteers.

At the current time the reunion association is chaired by John Titsworth and his address is listed below.  Dues remain at $20.00 per year and checks should be made out to the USS FRED T. BERRY REUNION ASSOCIATION.  The address follows:


John H.Titsworth
6 Guilford Lane
Greenwich, CT 06831

Phone: 203-531-6618

E-Mail:  Skiptonit@aol.com

Ed Teagle and I (Dave Fickle) took over the website soon after the first Washington reunion in 2007. Ed was the administrator and paid for the site and I was responsible for updates to the site

David Fickle FT2 (1958 1960) is the current webmaster for this  site.