Cruising into Gitmo?:

			On a cruise to the Caribbean one hot September day
			We took a break from war games and entered Gitmo Bay
			We hove up to dockside and looked for help to berth
			Those watching our arrival seemed of little worth

			That confused gang of locals was milling all about
		   	Not understanding what was wanted shrugged to express their doubt
		   	The Captain on the bridge cried out. Enough of this hullabaloo
		    	Find me a man to speak their language to tell them what to do

			Matt the gunner stepped right up. I'm your man says he
			I'll have us tied up in a trice I'm impatient for liberty
			Matt grabbed a bullhorn whose sound carried a mile
			Looked to the Captain and the crew and with a gleeful smile

			Raised the bullhorn to his lips and shouted for all to hear


			Stunned into motionless silence were those on the dock below
		   	Who then in instant compliance when that stentorian order came clear
			With choreographed precision tied us smartly to the pier

			They bowed and grinned in appreciation for who made the trip
			Who in uproarious laughter applauded their fine seamanship
		  	The Captain doubled over in laughter, arose wiped a tear from his eye

			Gave thanks to Matt the gunner. Well done he said with a sigh


					Donald E Gudbrandsen RM3 53 -55


				Reminiscence of the 1953 Caribbean Cruise of the
					   Fred T. Berry DDE 858