Text Box: USS Fred T Berry DD/DDE 858
Ships history addenda

Anchors away

David fickle


Berry collides with British Sub

Peter Berry (Royal Navy


Berry encounters USS Nautilus

Glenn Pettys


Crisis in 1960

Ron Fritz and Ed Teagle


Dash Helicopter

Virgil Erwin


Early Activities of the Berry

Al Trueman and Clarence Hood


Highlining accident

Wally Ramberg

HMS Resolution British  Sub

Frank Wilson


Hurricane Carol

Paul Seery


Hurricane Donna

Ron Fritz


Mystery Document

Ed Teagle


No excuse for collision at sea

Virgil Erwin


Polaris TESt launches

John Anderson


Rescue at sea

John Monsted


Submarine Story

Ron Fritz


Vietnam tales of the fTB

Al Tomas


Vietnam Remembered

James Helton


Whaleboat rescue

David Fickle