From Ron Fritz, SN, (1960 & 1961)
"In 1960 the BERRY frequently operated with the USS REQUIN (SS/SSR-481). The REQUIN was a WWII era diesel-electric submarine. Generally this sub was no match for the ships of the GEARING class. Occasionally we would operate with other submarines, which proved to be more of a challenge. During one training exercise we were operating in the Atlantic and I was standing the after lookout watch. I received instructions from the bridge to watch for a submarine, which was going to transit past us. The squadron was formed in a line abreast and traveling about twenty knots. I nearly popped blood vessels in my eyes out looking for a submarine and suddenly I saw it, a periscope, on our port side passing us at a speed of five knots, or faster. This turned out to be USS SKIPJACK (SSN-585), one of the new nuclear submarines. This was quite sobering, as here was a submarine that was alarmingly fast and left me with grave concerns over our effectiveness against the new nuclear powered submarines."

"On another occasion, perhaps the same as above, I was instructed to watch for a submarine that was to surface somewhere near us. I remember watching to port, for some reason, and finding nothing. I happened to turn around and the sub had surfaced on our starboard side. It was the SKIPJACK and its size was so impressive that I almost fell off the O-1 deck. In retrospect I realize that I then knew our ship was obsolete by the old standards, however, new developments in weapons continued to give our ships a few added years of usefulness until new ships and newer weapons could be developed."

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