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The following photographs were contributed by Dick Leonhardt.  They were taken during the ship's round-the-world cruise in 1966.  If you recognize any of the unidentified sailors, please notify the webmaster at:

DeckGang.jpg (23930 bytes)

Left to right: Chip Hackett, Eddie Gray, Billy Hill, unknown, unknown. Yokosuka, Japan, June 1966.


WhaleBoat.jpg (62831 bytes)

Left to right: BM3 "Chip" Hackett and BM3 Bobby Bloomquist. Kaohsuing, Taiwan, 28 Feb 1966.


Capt_FTBerry.jpg (51306 bytes)

Left to right: Captain Fred T. Berry Jr. and Cdr RJ Dermody. June 1966.


PanamaCanal.jpg (34751 bytes)

Transiting the Panama Canal on the way to the Far East.


DD-858DER384.jpg (26651 bytes)

Hong Kong harbor.  Tied up with the USS FALGOUT (DER-324).


RitualCrew.jpg (34636 bytes)

July 8, 1966.  Equator crossing ceremony.


RitualEquator.jpg (34401 bytes)

July 8, 1966.  Equator crossing ceremony.   Life at sea can be lonely at times.


F0269-Cypress1.jpg (46152 bytes)

USCG Point Cypress coming alongside, St. Patrick's Day 1966.


F0270-Cypress .jpg (71947 bytes)

Point Cypress was carrying this Viet Cong soldier sitting on starboard side of fantail.


F0271-Katz-Cypress.jpg (67217 bytes)

Captain of Point Cypress was LTjg Katz, dressed in Irish green.


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